Lan Card and Wifi Drivers for Thosiba L640

Last time, I'm having trouble installing applications on ubuntu 10.10 in laptop thosiba seri l640 via lan card. Maybe what I learned can be useful for you. So, congratulations to read these articles:

The first requirement to install the lan card or wifi in thosiba / computer, we must know the type and version of the drivers we need. so ... follow the steps below:

1. To find out open a terminal / console in ubuntu with (ctrl + alt + t)
2. typing 'lspci' without the quotes.
3. see a list of pci in our laptops, can be seen that the drivers for the laptop thosiba l640:
- wireless is the Broadcom Corporation Device 4727 (rev 01)
- Lan is Atheros Communications' AR8152 v1.1 Fast Ethernet (rev c1)

4. After learning, immediately wrote download the driver here.
5. Extract the driver by typing :

tar-xvf [driver name]

6. And Then type ./ scripts / driver-select atl1c
7. make
8. install the driver by typing: sudo make install
9. success .... install lan card.

after lan card installed, the next step we install it by typing wireless:

sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source

for this time we must connect to the internet via lan which we have installed.

after work, try typing 'ifconfig' to see a list of lan or wifi that has been active and ready for use.

if successful, it would appear etho0, etho1, lo, each of which already have setup.

Congratulations! iam sorry no image.
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